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How to make a strategic change towards in-house, sustainable FlexPCB manufacturing for a chemical free process enables integration to electronic assembly manufacturing.

A unique look at the new and innovative reel-to-reel manufacturing process of flexible circuit boards – the technology Dry Phase Patterning.

New mechanical technology replaces traditional, chemical processing of FlexPCB. The dry and chemical free process enables companies to do in-house manufacturing of the FlexPCBs in the same facilities as the electronic assembly, resulting in significantly shorter time to market and contribute to a more sustainable manufacturing.

The global electronics market struggles with sourcing capability. Political trade conflicts, Covid mutations, natural catastrophes and other events, like the Suez accident, affect the global industry business today. Material sourcing has been the top line problem to be solved for many companies. In addition, the sustainability and environmental requirements are rapidly moving downstream in the electronics industry supply chain.

The traditional and hazardous chemical process of manufacturing flexible circuit board (FlexPCB) foresee a challenging acceleration of demand for sustainability. Sustainability and environmental consciousness become even stronger competitive factors and are key to a continuous, long-term business development. It is therefore important to continue to innovate, develop and adapt new technologies to ensure that state-of-the-art product quality goes hand in hand with reduced environmental impact. Today most circuit boards are still produced by sub-suppliers in distant countries, using hazardous chemical etching processes, resulting in complex adaptations, extensive transportation costs, long lead times and demanding waste management.

DPP is a production process of great value that presents a shift in sourcing combined with lowest possible environmental impact for our customers. We believe in combining global potential with local manufacturing, labour and sourcing, to add sustainable qualities for modern businesses.

In this webinar we talk about:

In this webinar we will guide you to the latest innovation within FlexPCB manufacturing that will ensure a supply chain efficiency by using environmentally friendly in-house manufacturing.

The new technology is customisable and simplifies the process of production by reducing transports and lead times as well as significantly cutting costs. By bringing the production of Flexible PCBs in-house, an entire step in the traditional chain of production can be saved.

In this webinar we will introduce you to how create a strategic change for FlexPCB-sourcing.

This webinar is for:

R&D Managers, Business Managers, Product Managers, Strategic Managers, Engineering Managers, Purchase and Production Managers within System & Solution Providing companies with electronic assembly capacity and for in-house production.


  • Short presentation of the speakers.
  • Global sourcing.
  • Strategic change to secure sustainable FlexPCB-sourcing; basic principles, improvements in purchasing and quality, delivery security, the benefits of the process, sustainable and cost consciousness and how the technology works.
  • Discussions and answering questions.


  • Rune Groppfeldt, Business Development Manager, DP Patterning
  • Staffan Nordlinder, CEO, DP Patterning
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Producing flexible circuit boards in-house can save you time and money
— and protect your intellectual property
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