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See our reality-show: From Design to Serial Production of FlexPCB in 45 Minutes

A unique look at the new and innovative reel-to-reel manufacturing process of flexible circuit boards – the technology Dry Phase Patterning.

Is your FlexPCB prototype production time-consuming and expensive? Do you struggle with complex logistics of sourcing FlexPCBs? Let us introduce you to a revolutionary, reel-to reel technology called DP Patterning that will both save you time and give you full control of the process. This innovative solution for green-tech production is a game-changing sustainable process for high-performance production. Designed for local in-house manufacturing, it is customisable and simplifies the process of production by reducing transports and lead times as well as significantly cutting costs.

A unique feature of DP Patterning machines is the possibility to easily run production of big volumes and, due to quick tool change, also prototypes. With traditional processes, this would be aggravated by long lead times and days of testing. DP Patterning assembles the manufacturing in one single machine that can easily be housed by the System & Solution Providers as well as Subsystem Suppliers to take control over their own circuit board production without any involvement of a Component Manufacturer, which results in a 10 times faster step from raw material to finished product. Spillage comes in the form of recyclable metal shavings, and the non-existing need for chemicals and waste disposal makes for a safe workplace and allows production to be placed in direct connection to the location of the final assembly of products.

In this webinar we talk about:

In this webinar we will guide you through the technology and show you in real-time how the technique is working during production.

This webinar is for:

Senior Developer Engineers, Development Engineers, Specialist and Senior Engineers and other roles that work within development and engineering.


  • Short presentation of the speakers and DP Patterning.
  • Reality-show of the technology from design to serial production in 45 minutes.


  • Roman Lassnig, R&D Manager
  • David Österman, CTO
  • Staffan Nordlinder, CEO 
Speakers at webinar

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Producing flexible circuit boards in-house can save you time and money
— and protect your intellectual property
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